Sunday, November 2, 2014

Flappers gonna Flap

     Here is my very belated Halloween post! Sorry the pictures aren't that great (and slightly crooked) they were taken very last minute by my mom who isn't very camera-savvy haha.
     I think this is the first Halloween where I actually tried to put some effort into my costume (I'm usually lazy and go for something easy), but I was very determined to dress up as a 1920's flapper. I was inspired by The Great Gatsby movie, and all it's glitz and  glamor. The headband is even a replica of Daisy's headband from the movie!
     It was incredibly hard for me to find a flapper dress that was in my budget (embroidered clothing is very expensive!) so I found this gorgeous plain dress at a thrift store and embellished everything myself. I documented the process of decorating my dress so if you're curious, a tutorial will be coming up soon! :)

Dress - Thrifted and altered (Originally from Smart Set)
Gatsby's Daisy Headband - Ebay
Necklace - borrowed from my Mom!
Bracelet - Claire's
Feather Boa - Dollarstore
Heels - Call It Spring


  1. you did a great job with decorating this dress...perfect tweenties look, you look so beautiful<3

  2. You did such a great job on the Flapper look! The dress cuts perfectly :) xx

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  3. What a romantic and charming outfit, Shelley! Really in style of Great Gatsby movie:)

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  4. Awesome Halloween costume!! You look great.


  5. wow this 20's inspired look!! Love this vibe <3