Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Birthday Post! :)

It's my birthday today! The only tradition that I have for today is to have my annual birthday shawarma (my favorite food ever) and pig out with my family haha. Let me know if you have any weird rituals/traditions for your birthday! :P

Jacket - Forever 21 
Sweater dress - Urban Planet
Scarf - Fairweather 
Bag - Ebay
Boots - Ebay

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Flapper Dress Tutorial

Here is how I decorated my flapper dress, it is fairly easy to do and took me roughly 5 days to finish.
Before photo:
 Here's what you'll need:
  • Plain dress (I got mine for $7 at the thrift store!)
  • Permanent fabric glue - from Michaels art supply store
  • Row of sequins - from Fabric Land
  • Small and large rhinestone stickers - from Dollarama
  • Sewing pins
 I started out by cutting a template in order to make sure each loop was approximately the same size.
Start gluing and pinning down the sequins to make sure it stays in place (heavy textbooks on top help as well to weigh down the sequins and to ensure that the sequins are fully bonded to the fabric)
I also placed magazines inside the dress to create a flatter surface and to prevent the glue from seeping down and sticking to the lining or back of the dress.

Glue 6 large rhinestones together to create a pyramid shape in the corner of each loop. I cut the smaller rhinestones into 4 strips of 5 to create tassels, and then embellished each tassel with a single large rhinestone at the end.
 For finishing touches I added a large strip of sequins to the neckline, and now I'm done! :)

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Flappers gonna Flap

     Here is my very belated Halloween post! Sorry the pictures aren't that great (and slightly crooked) they were taken very last minute by my mom who isn't very camera-savvy haha.
     I think this is the first Halloween where I actually tried to put some effort into my costume (I'm usually lazy and go for something easy), but I was very determined to dress up as a 1920's flapper. I was inspired by The Great Gatsby movie, and all it's glitz and  glamor. The headband is even a replica of Daisy's headband from the movie!
     It was incredibly hard for me to find a flapper dress that was in my budget (embroidered clothing is very expensive!) so I found this gorgeous plain dress at a thrift store and embellished everything myself. I documented the process of decorating my dress so if you're curious, a tutorial will be coming up soon! :)

Dress - Thrifted and altered (Originally from Smart Set)
Gatsby's Daisy Headband - Ebay
Necklace - borrowed from my Mom!
Bracelet - Claire's
Feather Boa - Dollarstore
Heels - Call It Spring