Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Nail Foil Tutorial

One thing that I've been really enjoying lately is nail foils. They are super easy to apply, inexpensive to buy, and look really eye-catching!
 Here's how to get started:  You'll need a similar base colour (to disguise the nail foil from any chips/cracks), nail foil, nail adhesive, and top coat.
The items listed below are :
  • Sally Hansen: Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in colour Celeb City (#4860-13)
  • Avon: Nailwear Pro in colour Gleaming Gold (#N619)
  • Sally Hansen: Diamond Shine: Base & Top Coat
  • Gold and silver nail foil (from ebay)
  • Jengshangmei nail adhesive (from ebay) (also note: you want to get the white glue adhesive and not the quick-drying clear nail glue products sold in most stores that is intended for press-on nails!)
 Cut the foil strips into sizes approximate to your nail width, and then cut the strips in half again.
 Apply base color.
 Apply the nail glue, and wait 5 minutes until the glue turns clear and becomes tacky (it is crucial to wait a few minutes for the glue to dry a bit or else the nail foil won't transfer properly, and it will be a goopy mess!)
 Gently place nail foil onto nails, and buff it into place with a q-tip.
 The foil will then start to peel away like so:

 Apply top coat: the nail foil tends to wrinkle a tiny bit after top coat applications, but to prevent major creases opt for a more slow-drying top coat. This Sally Hansen one works really well for me! :)
 Done! :D


  1. your nails look amazing! I must try this foil manicure some time soon.


  2. wow I love holographic nails <3 xx

  3. wow! great nails dear! thanks for sharing this technique! amazing! im your new follower!:) hoe to see you on my page too! kisses!:)


  4. oh great costume! liking all the detail