Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Nail Foil Tutorial

One thing that I've been really enjoying lately is nail foils. They are super easy to apply, inexpensive to buy, and look really eye-catching!
 Here's how to get started:  You'll need a similar base colour (to disguise the nail foil from any chips/cracks), nail foil, nail adhesive, and top coat.
The items listed below are :
  • Sally Hansen: Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in colour Celeb City (#4860-13)
  • Avon: Nailwear Pro in colour Gleaming Gold (#N619)
  • Sally Hansen: Diamond Shine: Base & Top Coat
  • Gold and silver nail foil (from ebay)
  • Jengshangmei nail adhesive (from ebay) (also note: you want to get the white glue adhesive and not the quick-drying clear nail glue products sold in most stores that is intended for press-on nails!)
 Cut the foil strips into sizes approximate to your nail width, and then cut the strips in half again.
 Apply base color.
 Apply the nail glue, and wait 5 minutes until the glue turns clear and becomes tacky (it is crucial to wait a few minutes for the glue to dry a bit or else the nail foil won't transfer properly, and it will be a goopy mess!)
 Gently place nail foil onto nails, and buff it into place with a q-tip.
 The foil will then start to peel away like so:

 Apply top coat: the nail foil tends to wrinkle a tiny bit after top coat applications, but to prevent major creases opt for a more slow-drying top coat. This Sally Hansen one works really well for me! :)
 Done! :D

Monday, October 13, 2014


Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians! ヽ(。・ω・。)ノ 
The autumn leaves make such pretty backdrops, thanks to my pro photographer ;). Hopefully I can get more shots in before all the trees start shedding!
The crop top below is probably one of my favorite prints. The geometric pattern in addition to the colour combinations really makes it more unique for me (also big plus that it has back cut-outs!).

Hat - Ebay
Top - Forever 21
Skirt - Ebay
Bag - Ebay
Shoes - Call It Spring
Ring - Forever 21